Benthic Sciences LLP
Hi-Grade House, The Street, Acle, Norfolk NR13 3DY, United Kingdom

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Research and the Generation of Intellectual Property

With extensive and long term connections with academia and industry, Benthic Sciences
are uniquely positioned to carry out research; identify suitable collaborative partners in both
domains; and generally perform the role of enablers for an extensive range of research in
support of high technology products.

Benthic Sciences have managed the necessary joint research leading to a number of
patents for projects as diverse as a hull cleaning remotely operated vehicle, a microwave
rotating joint for stabilised antennas and a low cost sensor to identify malignant melanomas.

Other research projects have included the investigation of magnetic phenomena and
appropriate sensors to correct the navigation of directional drilling tools; the determination of
slow speed vessel hydrodynamic parameters appropriate for inclusion into control loops; and
the development of algorithms appropriate to the production of differential GPS error indices.