Benthic Sciences LLP
Hi-Grade House, The Street, Acle, Norfolk NR13 3DY, United Kingdom

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Project Management - The planning and management of high technology projects to
ensure on-time, on-budget and on-specification delivery. Peer review of projects and
supporting documentation.

Financial Management - The financial planning of projects including resource analysis,
capital requirements, cash flow, carbon impact assessment and sales predictions.
Employed in conjunction with numerous successful bids for single company and
collaborative national and multi-national funding programmes.

Quality Management - the preparation of quality plans including all aspects of hardware
and software design, test, development and production. The demonstration of compliance
with national and international standards and the production and management of appropriate
test regimes.

Relability and Maintainability - The production and development of R&M case
documentation in support of critical projects. Calculation of relability and maintainability