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Machine to Machine and Industrial Ethernet
A growing part of our business is associated with the control of, and data acquisition from,
remote sites. Utilising TCP/IP technology, industrial quality modules are readily available,
low in cost, and quick and easy to install. They can deal with video, digital, analogue and
messaging data both manually and automatically.

Traditionally the multiplicity of protocol layers in such systems made them difficult to
implement for the everyday user. Benthic Sciences provides a vertical integration service
that allows you to identify your communication needs and leave the rest to us.

We can specify the components you require; provide application specific software and
pupose designed interface modules; design bespoke control browsers or adapt industry
standard ones; and test and integrate the whole system on site.

Machine to Machine - Applications utilise GSM/GPRS cellular services allowing you to
remotely control and/or monitor virtually any physical system for purposes such as process
control, fault finding, security, safety, etc. Using existing mobile networks, coverage
includes the European landmass and a signicant amount of offshore coastal areas.

Industrial Ethernet - Applications utilise cable or wireless connections through direct or
managed routers to allow the remote control and/or montoring of physical systems. They
can use a local Intranet or provide national and international access through the Internet.

Data Security - Security is assured by the use of Virtual Private Network connections
(VPN) in these applications.